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True Tranquility at Mawun Beach, Lombok

Mawun Beach, Lombok – Where are you heading for this vacation? Lombok remains one of the beautiful islands that we highly recommend for those who want to spend time enjoying the beautiful beaches scattered all over this island.

There are numerous beaches in Lombok with various textures, and you won’t get bored exploring and visiting the beautiful beaches of Lombok.

Have you ever heard of Mawun Beach? It’s one of the beautiful beaches located on the southern coast of Lombok. Mawun Beach is one of those white sandy beaches that you shouldn’t miss when exploring the southern part of Lombok.

Indeed, not many tourists flood this beach location. So, it gives the impression of being quiet and very comfortable, allowing us to enjoy the beach atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle.

The stretch of fine white sand aligns with the blue sea and relatively calm waves due to the beach’s bay-like shape, flanked by green hills on the right and left. This makes it a comfortable place for swimming.

Mawun Beach’s coastline is quite long, and the view directly extends to the Indian Ocean with two hill pillars on its right and left sides.

How to Get to Mawun Beach in Lombok?

Pantai Mawun

The distance from Mawun Beach to the center of Mataram City is approximately about 2 hours if you take the Batu Jai route and pass through Selong Belanak Beach. So, before heading to Mawun Beach, you can make a stop at Selong Belanak Beach. You will be enchanted by the lush green scenery presented by the towering hills on the right and left throughout the journey.

If you’re coming from the airport, it will take you around 25 minutes via the Kuta Beach route. You can also make a stop at the Adat Sade Village or Kuta Beach first. You can either use a taxi or a travel agency’s car.

Don’t worry about the entrance fee; it’s quite affordable, with only Rp 5,000 per motorcycle and Rp 10,000 per car.

What Can You Do at Mawun Beach?

Pantai Mawun Lombok

You can stroll along the beach with its incredibly soft sand, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and find that there aren’t too many lined-up stalls along its edge. You can play in the water or swim with the gentle breeze blowing.

Enjoy fresh coconut water available at the stalls by Mawun Beach, relax on the sand, or use the beach chairs provided by the stall owners.

You can play to your heart’s content because Mawun Beach is not overly crowded. Don’t forget to take photos with the beautiful view of the blue sea and green hills.

Mawun Beach also has a spot for surfing, but you’ll need to head to the edge of the hills for bigger waves suitable for surfing.

Tips for Visiting Mawun Beach

Pantai Mawun Lombok

Here are the tips for visiting Mawun Beach:

  1. Make sure to bring sunscreen because there’s no shelter, except if you buy food from the beachside stalls where you can find shade under the stalls or on beach chairs with umbrellas.
  2. It’s a good idea to fill up your motorcycle’s fuel tank if you’re taking the Batu Jai route, as there are no fuel vendors once you enter the hilly roads.
  3. It’s best to depart in the morning and return before it gets dark, as the Batu Jai route is relatively quiet.
  4. There are no nearby mini-markets, so you can bring your own food and drinks. However, if you plan to use beach chairs, you should purchase food from the stall owners who provide the chairs.

Enjoy your vacation on Lombok Island! Don’t forget to book your Lombok tour package with The Langkah Travel!

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