Rinjani Open Trip

Rinjani Open Trip 4 Days 3 Nights Via Sembalun

We have arranged this Rinjani Open Trip so that you can enjoy the natural beauty of Mount Rinjani with a cost-sharing system.

This 4 Days 3 Nights trip is arranged with a trekking program of 3 days 2 nights where the day before is the time needed to travel to Sembalun Village and spend the night in the highest village on the island of Lombok.

So what are you waiting for! Book now and set your foot on the peak of 3726 masl Mount Rinjani!

Rinjani Open Trip Schedule

August 26 - 29, 2022Maksimum 10 PersonsDone!
September 23 - 26, 2022Maksimum 10 PersonsDone!
October 28 - 31, 2022Maksimum 10 PersonsDone!
November 25 - 28, 2022Maksimum 10 PersonsDone!
December 5 - 8, 2022Maksimum 10 PersonsDone!
December 16 - 19, 2022Maksimum 10 PersonsDone!

Rinjani Open Trip Itinerary


  • Meeting point at Lombok International Airport at 12.00 WITA (afternoon departure)
  • Head to Senaru Village, North Lombok, about 2.5 hours drive while shopping for your personal needs
  • Check in inn and free program until dinner time


  • Breakfast at the inn, registration then start trekking at 08.00 WITA
  • The first route is to Pos 1 for approximately 2 hours, rest for a while then continue the journey to Pos 2
  • Lunch is served at Pos 2 or Pos 3 depending on the time (flexible)
  • After lunch, the journey continues by climbing the Hill of Regret to Plawangan Sembalun
  • Around 17.00 WITA arrived at Plawangan Sembalun, built a tent then rested


  • The journey to the top starts at 01.00 WITA in the morning, you will be woken up and ready to climb to the top of Rinjani 3726 masl
  • Around 06.00 WITA you are back in Plawangan Sembalun
  • Breakfast and rest for a while then the journey continues with a downward track to Lake Segara Anak
  • Arrive at Segara Anak Lake at 16.00 WITA, build a tent, rest and free program (you can also go to a hot spring to relax your body or take pictures with the background of Anak Gunung Baru Jari)


  • Wake up at 06.00 WITA, have breakfast, then prepare to return (via the Torean Line)
  • Lunch on the way to Torean Village, depending on time (flexible)
  • After lunch the journey continues back to Torean Village
  • Arriving at Torean Village around 17.00 WITA then you will be picked up by our transportation to Mataram City (for those who spend the night in Mataram) or the airport (maximum 21.00 WITA)
  • Program completed

Rinjani Open Trip Prices

Domestic: IDR 2.300.000 Per PAX

Foreign: IDR 2.900.000 Per Pax

No Minimum Quota. 1 Person Can Go!


  1. Professional Guide and Porter
  2. Lodging in Senaru Village on the first day (before trekking)
  3. Trekking equipment (tent, toilet tent, and cooking equipment)
  4. Eight meals during the program according to the itinerary above, including on the mountain cooked by our porter
  5. Fruits, snacks, mineral water and hot drinks during the hike
  6. Twice transport (Airport – Senaru Village) (Senaru Village – Hotel in Mataram/Senggigi or directly to the airport)
  7. Mount Rinjani National Park entrance ticket
  8. First Aid Standard


  1. Airfare and airport tax
  2. Lodging on the fourth day
  3. Other personal expenses
  4. Tipping for guides and porters

Interested In Joining This Rinjani Open Trip?


  1. In each Rinjani Open Trip program, it will be handled directly by several guide and porters.
  2. The number of guide used adjusts to the number of participants with the following details:
    • Participants 1 – 5 people using 1 guide
    • Participant 6 – 10 people using 2 guide
  3. The number of porters used adjusts to the number of participants with the following details:
    • Participants 1 persons using 1 porters
    • Participants 2 – 4 people using 2 porters
    • Participants 5 – 6 people using 3 porters
    • Participants 7 – 8 people using 4 porters
    • Participants 9-10 people using 5 porters
  4. As for transportation from the pick-up location to Sembalun Village, use:
    • Participants 1 – 4 people using Avanza
    • Participants 5 – 6 people use Innova
    • Participants 7 – 10 people use Toyota Hiace


  1. Daypack 45 litre, sleeping bag and mattress
  2. Personal Clothing + Spare; Warm Shirt (Sweeter Etc.) & Long Pants (as needed)
  3. Camera / Handycam
  4. Bath & Worship Equipment
  5. Raincoat / Raincoat
  6. Trekking Shoes & Sandals (Strong and not too narrow shoes)
  7. Thick Socks, Gloves, Head Gloves & Field Cap
  8. Headlamp/Flashlight
  9. Sunglasses & Sunblock (If any)
  10. Personal Additional Food and Drink
  11. Personal Medicines & Tiger Balm / Muscle Spray (for muscle pain)

Terms and Conditions

  1. The price above is valid without minimum quota. Even thought there is 1 participant, the open trip continues.
  2. Registration of participants is done by paying a down payment of IDR 1.450,000 and the rest is paid a maximum of 1 day before the open trip takes place.
  3. Each participant who registers will be included in the whatsapp group to facilitate communication between The Langkah Travel Team and Rinjani open trip participants.
  4. Participants who have not paid a down payment are considered to have not registered and have not been included in the WhatsApp group.
  5. The DP that has been transferred by the participant will be forfeited if the cancellation occurs at the participant’s own will.
  6. Participants who cancel the open trip are allowed to find a replacement on the condition that the replacement participant is searched for by the canceled participant.
  7. If the cancellation occurs because of the Force Majore or because it is canceled by us, we will refund 100% of the participant’s DP.
  8. Prospective participants are considered to understand


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  1. Looking to travel 13th to 17th April Rinjani trek. Am Solo so want to join with a group

    • Hello Amit. Just contact us via Whatsapp for more details. You can find the whatsapp button above!


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