Term & Condition

How Does The Langkah Travel System Work?

Our website will help you to find interesting tourist destinations on the islands of Lombok and Sumbawa. All tour packages on this website will direct you to contact us via whatsapp.

Please contact us via whatsapp and get fast response service from our team!

How to Choose Your Vacation Package?

Our website is equipped with promotional banners and other information that will help you determine your holiday package.

We provide an open trip service where the date and budget have been determined. In addition, we also provide private trips where you can determine your own vacation time and destination.

Payment Method

After you choose an available holiday package, we will ask for a payment of 30% as a sign of agreement and the rest is paid off on the first day of the tour program.

You can transfer the down payment and full payment to one of the accounts below:

  • Bank Mandiri 1610006090554 on behalf of PT Langkah Liburan Bersama
  • Bank BNI 0906912179 on behalf of PT Langkah Liburan Bersama

Cancellation Rules

  1. Maximum cancellation of D-3 for the cancellation fee is subject to a fee of 25% of the total price
  2. Cancellation of D-1 or D-Day, deposit money is non-refundable
  3. Not present on the D day with or without previous cancellation, money cannot be refunded
  4. The guide has the right to cancel or change the schedule / itinerary in the event of force majeure (bad weather, natural disasters, war or other things beyond the crew’s control in the field that can endanger participants or crew)
  5. Changes or cancellations of schedule/itinerary due to force majeure cannot be refunded

Why Choose The Langkah Travel?

Honest & Affordable Pricess, Responsible Service, Legal By Indonesian Law