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Lombok Tour Packages with The Langkah Travel in 2024 offer a chance to explore diverse destinations and select from a variety of travel packages. Starting with our Lombok vacation packages, there are various options to choose from, ranging from 3 days 2 nights to 5 days 4 nights, catering to everyone’s preferences.

For those who have already booked their own lodging, we also offer Lombok trip packages without hotels.

Choose from our range of Lombok vacation packages below, or create your own itinerary for a more flexible trip!

Lombok Tour Package 3 Days 2 Nights Options

Lombok Tour Package 3 Days 2 Nights

Lombok Tour Package 3 Days 2 Nights (D)

Kuta Mandalika & Sasak Tour | Snorkeling Trip Pink Beach

Start IDR 830.000 Per Person

Lombok Tour Package 3 Days 2 Nights A

Lombok Tour Package 3 Days 2 Nights (A)

Kuta Mandalika & Sasak Tour | Snorkeling Trip Gili Trawangan

Start IDR 890.000 Per Person

Lombok Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights Options

Lombok Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights

Lombok Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights (B)

Kuta Mandalika & Sasak Tour | Pink Beach Trip | Snorkeling Trip Gili Trawangan

Start IDR 1.310.000 Per Person

Lombok Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights A

Lombok Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights (A)

Kuta Mandalika & Sasak Tour | Snorkeling Trip Gili Trawangan | Sendang Gila & Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Start IDR 1.260.000 Per Person

Lombok Tour Package 5 Days 4 Nights Options

Lombok Tour Package 5 Days 4 Nights B

Lombok Tour Package 5 Days 4 Nights (B)

Kuta Mandalika & Sasak Tour | Snorkeling Trip Gili Trawangan | Trip Gili Nanggu, Sudak & Kedis | Pink Beach Trip

Start IDR 1.710.000 Per Person

Lombok Tour Package 5 Days 4 Nights A

Lombok Tour Package 5 Days 4 Nights (A)

Kuta Mandalika & Sasak Tour | Snorkeling Trip Gili Trawangan | Sendang Gila & Tiu Kelep Waterfall | Trip Gili Nanggu, Sudak & Kedis

Start IDR 1.660.000 Per Person

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Lombok Tour Package Options

Apart from the Lombok Tour Packages mentioned earlier, we also have a range of alternative tourism options available on the island of Lombok.

These packages provide a unique travel experience, catering to a variety of interests and preferences. Choose one that suits you the best and enjoy a memorable vacation with The Langkah Travel!

Gili Trawangan Tours

Gili Trawangan Tour Package

Lombok Tours Group

Lombok Tours Special Group

Lombok Open Trip

Lombok Open Trip

Lombok Honeymoon Tours

Lombok Honeymoon Package

Rinjani Trekking

Rinjani Trekking Package

Lombok 1 Day Tours

Lombok Daily Tours

Lombok Adventure Tours

Lombok Adventure Tours

Jasa Transportasi Lombok

Personal Transportation and Shuttle Service Tariffs In Lombok

A Quick Overview of Lombok

Paket Tour Lombok dan Sumbawa oleh The Langkah Travel

Lombok Island is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing vacation spots. This lovely island has so much natural and cultural beauty that it’s impossible to leave it off your vacation itinerary.

Apart from the three gorgeous dykes – Trawangan, Air, and Meno – that are located on the island of Lombok and are well-known around the world, there are still more natural and cultural wonders to be discovered in Lombok.

Mountains, hills, savanna, waterfalls, beaches, as well as the culture and way of life of the locals, all have their unique tourist attractions.

In addition, you should include Lombok cuisine tourism in your trip plans.

When booking a Lombok vacation package, you will not be content unless you try the island’s distinctive dishes, such as Plecing Kangkung, Taliwang Chicken, Sate Rembige, Sate Bulayak, and Nasi Puyung to Bebalung.

What Is The Best Way To Get To Lombok?

To go to Lombok Island, you can take a variety of types of transportation.

You may book flights to Lombok International Airport from your city. Flights to Lombok are currently available as direct flights from major Indonesian cities such as Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, and others.

When you arrive at Lombok International Airport, you can continue your journey by using the Damri Bus, airport taxi, or other mode of transport that you had already reserved.

There are routes from the airport to Kuta Mandalika Lombok, Mataram City, Senggigi Beach Area, Sembalun Village, and Poto Tano Harbor on the Damri Bus that are significantly less expensive than other modes of transportation.

Lombok Island has two entrance gates in the form of a Ferry Port, in addition to being accessible by air. Sheet Pier, which serves the Bali-Lombok route, and Kayangan Pier, which serves the Sumbawa-Lombok route, are the two piers.

The ferry ride from Bali to Lombok takes 4 hours. And it takes 2 hours to travel from Sumbawa to Lombok.

There are also fast boats from Bali that go directly to Gili Trawangan or Senggigi Beach in Lombok, in addition to ferries.

Alternatively, with a Lombok holiday package from The Langkah Travel, you can order comprehensive transportation.

Lombok’s Tourist Attractions

1. West Lombok

Paket Tour Lombok dan Sumbawa oleh The Langkah Travel
Gili Kedis in Tawun Village, Sekotong, West Lombok

1.1 Gili Nanggu, Kedis and Sudak

Gili Nanggu, Gili Sudak, and Gili Kedis are all excellent attractions in Sekotong Village.

The three dykes above are equally as gorgeous as Gili Trawangan. Gili Nanggu is superior to Gili Trawangan in terms of underwater vistas.

Local boats can take you to these three dykes from Tawun Village Pier. It used to take only 1.5 hours to get from Mataram City Center to Tawun Village in a motorized car.

When you arrive in Tawun Village, you’ll notice a pretty sizable pier with rows of wooden boats waiting to be chartered to visit Gili Nanggu, Gili Sudak, and Gili Kedis.

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1.2 Gili Asahan Area

There are also more dykes, such as Gili Asahan, Gili Gede, Gili Layar, and Gili Rengit, in addition to the three mentioned above. Of course, each one is different.

The underwater natural splendor of Gili Asahan and its environs can be enjoyed via snorkeling and diving. Many hotels, particularly in Gili Asahan and Gili Layar, are very attractive. In comparison to the Gili Nanggu area, Gili Asahan has more amenities to help you with your holiday plans.

Bangko-Bangko Beach, in West Lombok, is also a surfing area with some tough waves.

Wow, this is just the western portion of the country; there are already a slew of vacation spots to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Book a Lombok Vacation Package with The Langkah Travel today!

1.3 Senggigi Beach

Additionally, Senggigi Beach is part of the West Lombok Region. The beachfront hotel area at Senggigi Beach is well-known.

The lodging options in the Senggigi Beach area are also diverse, ranging from two-star to five-star. It’s accommodations like Sheraton Senggigi Beach, a five-star luxury resort in Senggigi that has been there for a long time.

The Langkah Travel’s Lombok Vacation Packages also feature the greatest lodging alternatives in the Senggigi area.

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2. North Lombok

Lombok Tour
One of the marine ecosystems found in Gili Trawangan waters are turtles

2.1 Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan, the well-known island? It is located in North Lombok. But make no doubt about it. There isn’t just Gili Trawangan in this region of the world.

Gili Air and Gili Meno, as well as Gili Trawangan, round out the three dykes.

Gili Trawangan may be reached in 30 minutes by car from Mataram City, then in 20 minutes by public boat from Bangsal Harbor.

You can also lease a fast boat for a slightly higher price than taking a public boat. However, if you take a group holiday and split the cost of the crossing, it will be less expensive.

Gili Trawangan is known as “Party Island” by many. There are numerous entertainment venues with bright lights that are packed with the sounds of various types of music ranging from pop to dangdut and reggae.

The cafes on Gili Trawangan are masters at creating a vibrant nighttime environment.

Gili Trawangan is known for its incredible natural beauty in addition to being a party island. Beginning with natural scenery on land and progressing to aquatic scenery.

You can rent a cidomo (delman) to get about the island if you’re on land. Bicycles, of course, are the cheapest. Gowes on Gili Trawangan will undoubtedly provide you with a unique experience.

Snorkeling and diving are two ways to experience the undersea world’s splendor. There are numerous boats available for rent for water activities. Starting with a Glass Bottom Boat and progressing to a Speed Boat.

There are also a plethora of dive operators available to assist you if you want to go on an underwater adventure. Scuba diving on Gili Trawangan is well-known, and many of foreign tourists have attempted to explore the island’s underwater environment.

What are you waiting for? Book a Lombok holiday package with The Langkah Travel and experience Gili Trawangan’s natural beauty!

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2.2 Sendang Gila and Tiu Kelep Waterfall

There are additional sites in the northern section of Lombok that are as as spectacular as the three dykes mentioned above. Located in Senaru Village, North Lombok Regency, at the foot of Mount Rinjani. Tiu Kelep Waterfall with Sendang Gila Waterfall

A motorized vehicle can take you from Mataram City to Senaru village in around 2.5 hours.

Because the Sendang Gila and Tiu Kelep Waterfalls are located within the Mount Rinjani National Park, an entrance fee of IDR 10,000 per person is required to access them.

Sendang Gila Waterfall is 15 minutes on foot from the entrance gate where tickets are purchased, while Tiu Kelep Waterfall is around 30 minutes on foot.

If you want to be more relaxed, you can hire a local guide to accompany you on your journey as a guide or to carry your luggage. The cost of a native guide starts at Rp. 75,000 per person.

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3. South Lombok

Paket Tour Lombok dan Sumbawa oleh The Langkah Travel
Merese Hill is located in Kuta Mandalika, Lombok’s southernmost region

The Moto GP Circuit was founded in the Kuta Mandalika district of Lombok, which is located in the southern half of the island. Southern Lombok is also home to Lombok International Airport. It’s very near.

Is that all there is to it? Definitely not! Southern Lombok is brimming with allure. Beaches with white sand, as well as Lombok’s traditional culture,will be found here.

Southern Lombok has beaches such as Selong Belanak Beach, Mawun Beach, Mawi Beach, Seger Beach, Tanjung Aan Beach, and Merese Hill. All of this may be done in a single day. Win a lot of money!

3.1 Selong Belanak Beach

Selong Belanak Beach is a popular surfing spot, and because the waves aren’t too big, it’s a good area for beginners to learn how to surf.

The lovely beach is lined with bamboo stalls and umbrella seats along the coast, attracting a large number of tourists.

Surfing and then taking a break while drinking young coconut ice will undoubtedly enhance the quality of your holiday.

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3.2 Mawun Beach

Because of its location between two hills, Mawun Beach has calm waters. Mawun Beach is a soothing tourist attraction that can be visited with family because of its natural beauty, which is mixed with blue sea water and white sand beaches.

There are several berugaks (gazebos) and beach chairs with lovely umbrellas waiting for you to relax. You can go asleep while enjoying food, refreshing drinks, and the beach wind since the light roar of the waves acts as a wonderful healing for you.

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3.3 Kuta Mandalika Beach

Kuta Mandalika Beach is a popular tourist destination on Lombok Island, and it is now part of the Special Economic Zone. The creation of the Moto GP Circuit is advancing the development of tourism in this area.

A highly extensive tourism support facility has been built in the Kuta Mandalika area. For example, there are several types of housing available, ranging from homestays, hotels, villas, and resorts.

You can also participate in adrenaline-pumping activities such as tandem paragliding from Bukit Prabu (west of Kuta Mandalika Beach) and landing right on the beach.

3.4 Tanjung Aan Beach

Tanjung Aan Beach is roughly 15 minutes from Kuta Mandalika Beach and is generally quieter. In this area, you can truly appreciate nature.

Tanjung Aan Beach is a white sand beach with famed peppercorn-sized sand grains. A minor hill can be climbed by simply ascending a few stairs.

In the west, Tanjung Aan Beach features broad and flat rock characteristics. An instagrammable location to just document your vacation experiences.

Come to Lombok and book one of our Lombok Tour Package!

3.5 Merese Hill

Tanjung Aan Beach is only about 10 minutes away from Merese Hill. Tanjung Aan Beach may be seen from the top of the hill.

Merese Hill’s beauty is well-known, and many foreign tourists come to see it.

Merese Hill is a grassy hill with a green appearance during the wet season and a yellow appearance during the dry season. Both of these items are quite exotic.

The sunset can be seen from the top of Merese Hill, which creates a stunning color gradient along the Kuta Mandalika Area’s shoreline.

You only need to walk around 10 minutes from the motorized vehicle parking lot to reach Merese Hill. It is essential that you carry plenty of drinking water, especially if you plan on visiting during the summer. On Mount Merese, there are no trees to provide shade.

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3.6 Sade Village

Southern Lombok isn’t just known for its stunning beaches. Several cultural places have developed their own distinct personalities, and we strongly advise you to explore them while on vacation on Lombok Island.

One of them is in Rambitan Village, Sade Hamlet. Lombok International Airport is only a 10-minute drive away.

The building is what makes Dusun Sade special. Sade Hamlet’s dwellings are made of wood and bamboo, with woven bamboo walls. A thicket of weeds has grown up on the roof.

The distance between the buildings is fairly close, and the only way to access to the other buildings is down a narrow alley. Gives off a sturdy, but classic, vibe.

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4. East Lombok

Paket liburan lombok
Pink Beach, East Lombok

If other areas of the island are known for their beaches, culture, and waterfalls, the eastern portion of Lombok is more complete!

Gili Kondo, Gili Bidara, and Gili Petangan are dykes or tiny islands located in Sambelia Village, East Lombok. The view is comparable to that of other little islands.

In Sembalun Village, there are waterfalls called Mangku Sakti Waterfalls and Umar Maya Waterfalls.

The presence of Pink Lombok Beach completes this eastern section of Lombok.

Lombok destinations aren’t solely based on the ‘Pink Beach.’

If you travel to Pink Beach via Tanjung Luar Village, you will need to take a boat to get there and will receive a bonus for many other tourist attractions. Segui Beach, Gili Maringkik, Tanjung Pasir, Gili Petelu, and other names for it exist.

Visit Tanjung Beloam and Tanjung Ringgit, which are located in the same direction as Pink Beach, if you arrive by land. When you arrive, you will not be disappointed by the vista.

The good news is that by booking a Lombok trip package with The Langkah Travel, you may visit all of them!

5. The Hills In Lombok

Paket Tour Lombok dan Sumbawa oleh The Langkah Travel
Pergasingan Hill in Sembalun Village, East Lombok

Lombok Island contains secret locations that few people are aware of, in addition to beach tourism, waterfalls, small islands, and culture.

Despite its lack of fame, this tour is able to provide the splendor of a genuinely breathtaking natural panorama.

Hill tourism in Lombok is concentrated in the eastern section of the island, around Mount Rinjani.

To get the most out of it, you’ll need to undertake some light climbing starting at 2 -4 hours and camping overnight when you reach the top. It is appropriate for individuals who wish to enjoy Mount Rinjani but do not wish to engage in trekking activities.

Pergasingan Hill, Nanggi Hill, Selong Hill, Kondo Hill, Propok Savana, and Japanese Pal Hill are among the hills we recommend.

Mount Rinjani is directly visible from all of the hills above. If you’re camping in these slopes, be prepared to be awestruck when the sunrise softly illuminates Rinjani Peak. Especially if you choose one of our Lombok tour package.

5.1 Pergasingan Hill

Bukit Pergasingan is located in Sembalun Village, East Lombok, and is 1806 meters above sea level. It may be accessed by soft trekking for around 3 hours on foot from the Sembalun Village entrance gate.

You simply have to pay Rp. 20,000 each person for an entry ticket, and if you bring your own vehicle, you must additionally pay Rp. 10,000 per vehicle for parking.

Pergasingan Hill View is an aerial stretch of Sembalun Village plantations that looks like a rug, with rows of beautiful and robust hills in Sembalun Village and Mount Rinjani.

Camping tours are recommended for Pergasingan Hill. You can camp on Pergasingan Hill for two days and one night.

If you don’t get up early enough, you’ll miss out on the spectacular dawn.

5.2 Nanggi Hill

Bukit Nanggi in Sembalun Village, East Lombok, is the same as Bukit Pergasingan. The admission ticket and parking fees are the same as those at Bukit Pergasingan.

The difference is in the starting point and the length of the ascent. Bukit Nanggi offers a longer route that takes 5 hours to complete.

The view, however, is no less stunning than that of Bukit Pergasingan.

5.3 Anak Dara Hill

Sembalun Village also includes Bukit Anak Dara. The most noticeable change is that at the summit of Anak Dara Hill, there is nothing but a broad savanna with no trees to provide shade.

Most people descend immediately after viewing the sunrise from Bukit Anak Dara. And, according to our staff, when compared to the other hills in Sembalun Village, the view from Anak Dara Hill is the best.

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6. Mount Rinjani

Tour Lombok
Segara Anak Lake in Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani, with a height of 3726 meters above sea level and a location in the heart of the island of Lombok, is a tourist attraction for climbers.

The Sembalun Line in East Lombok, the Senaru Line in North Lombok, the Torean Line in North Lombok, the Aik Berik Line in Central Lombok, and the Timbanuh Line in East Lombok are the five official routes, each having its own distinct character.

Mount Rinjani is unique in that it is located in Segara Anak Lake, with Mount Baru Jari, a small active mountain in the middle of the lake.

If you only want to get to the Peak, the climbing program can be completed in two days and one night, or three days and two nights if you also want to go to the lake.

6.1 Climbing Mount Rinjani Via Sembalun

Climbers enjoy this hiking trail because it is a favorite of theirs. Climbing Rinjani through Sembalun, located in Sembalun Village, East Lombok, is a favorite due to the uniqueness of the climbing terrain.

You will be asked to go trekking at the start of the journey while taking in the vastness of the savanna. The eye can see as far as the eye can see. The track is likewise rather flat with little inclination. It’s a good way to warm up before hitting the uphill trail.

The Sembalun trail is especially popular because it leads directly to Mount Rinjani’s peak. Some people will use this path if they only want to see the summit and don’t want to descend down to Segara Anak Lake. The journey from the bottom to the top may usually be completed in two days and one night.

6.2 Climbing Mount Rinjani Via Senaru

The Senaru hiking trail is the most established and has been in use for many years. Senaru Village is home to many large trekking organizations.

Climbing Senaru is more popular with foreign visitors, and it is not recommended for beginners.

Why? Because bonuses are basically non-existent. There is a constant slope from the start of the ascent to Plawangan Senaru.

The Senaru Trail is more commonly used as a path for descending the mountain by inexperienced climbers. Up through Sembalun, down through Senaru. The descent is enjoyable because it takes you through the wilderness and past shaded trees. As a result, even during the day, passing along this road will be pleasant.

6.3 Climbing Mount Gunung Rinjani Via Torean

In comparison to other lines, the Torean line is the most recent to open.

The Torean Line was commonly utilized by locals before it became an official road, with the goal of seeking treatment at hot springs near Lake Segara Anak.

The Torean path is also a Hindu pilgrimage route for the Mulang Pekelem Ceremony.

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The Mount Rinjani National Park Management has declared the Torean route to be the official path, and it is a popular hiking track for climbers due to the variety of natural beauty available.

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Lombok Tour Package

Tour Lombok

Make sure you consider the location and distance of each area you want to visit before purchasing an airline ticket for a holiday to Lombok. Make sure you don’t order the wrong Lombok Tour Package that conflicts with your travel schedule.

Don’t let your vacation time, which should be enjoyable, turn into a chore since finding tourist sites takes too long.

The Langkah Travel offers a number of Lombok Tour Packages that will make it easier for you to see the wonders of this Thousand Mosques Island.

Lombok travel packages for 1 day, 2 days 1 night, 3 days 2 nights, 4 days 3 nights, 5 days 4 nights, and honeymoon vacation packages are all available on this page.

For those of you who have booked your own accommodation, there are trip packages to Lombok that contain or do not include a hotel.

You can employ the services of a Travel Advisor as one of the best choices for those of you who wish to have a pleasant, practical, and uncomplicated vacation. Choose a Travel Advisor who is amusing, knowledgeable, professional, and appropriate.

In addition to the most recent Lombok tour package that we offer, you may also change your vacation arrangements at any time to suit your preferences.

Choice Of Lombok Vacation Package

Lombok Island is definitely gorgeous, and a holiday there with The Langkah Travel will be even more so. Our Lombok vacation package itineraries are well-designed to ensure that your time and money are not squandered.

Because we understand how essential every second is, we tailor our services to your comfort and happiness.

In addition to the Lombok holiday packages listed above, we also offer the following sorts of packages:

What are you waiting for? Let us help you organize your vacation. The Langkah Travel “You Travel We Handle“.