Sumbawa Whale Shark Tours

Welcome to an unforgettable adventure with The Langkah Travel! We invite you to explore the underwater beauty of Sumbawa with us on an adventurous whale shark tour.

Enjoy thrilling moments and deep impressions while snorkeling with whale sharks at our exclusive destination. We are here to provide an unforgettable travel experience in Sumbawa’s Underwater Paradise!

Discover unbeatable beauty beneath the surface of the Sumbawa Sea in our exclusive Whale Shark tour package. Friendly whale sharks, clear waters, and mesmerizing marine life await you. With our experienced expert team, you will feel safe and comfortable exploring the underwater wonders that can only be found at our chosen destination. Let’s create unforgettable moments together in the waters of Sumbawa!

Book now and experience the true sensation of adventure with Sumbawa whale sharks with The Langkah Travel. Make every moment count, only here, with us!

Sumbawa Whale Shark Tour Packages Based on Pick-Up Area

Whale Shark Tour Start Lombok

Sumbawa Whale Shark Tour (Start & Finish Lombok)

Start IDR 1.280.000 Per Person

Sumbawa Whale Shark Sharing Open Tour

Sumbawa Whale Shark Open Trip

IDR 750.000 Per Person

Sumbawa Whale Shark Tour

Sumbawa Whale Shark Tour Package (Start & Finish Sumbawa Besar City)

Start IDR 710.000 Per Person

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