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Dangar Ode Island Sumbawa, the Exotic Little Island

Where is Dangar Ode Island located?

Dangar Ode Island is one of the many small islands located in the Saleh Bay Area, Sumbawa. Saleh Bay itself has been named the world’s aquarium which has various types of coral reefs, fish and other marine biota. Even recently, dozens of whale sharks were recorded in the Saleh Bay area.

Pulau Dangar Ode Teluk Saleh

How to Get to Dangar Ode Island?

From Sumbawa Besar City Airport, you can take a one hour road trip to Prajak, Batu Bangka Village, Moyo Hilir District.

On the road trip to Prajak, you will see other villages in Sumbawa that are still unspoiled with their houses on stilts, see the vast expanse of rice fields and not infrequently you will meet herds of livestock such as cows and buffaloes walking leisurely on the side of the asphalt road. . Hmm, a view that you can’t find in the city, right?

Arriving at Dusun Prajak, you must continue the journey by boat. There are several fishing boats at the Dusun Prajak Pier that you can rent with relative rates starting from IDR 300,000 to IDR 500,000 depending on the type of boat.

Dermaga Dusun Prajak

Not far from this pier, it turns out that there is a former pier used by the Japanese Army when they colonized Indonesia.

There is even a wreck of a Japanese warship that sank around the pier.

Unfortunately, according to local residents, in 2002 there was mass looting of sunken shipwrecks. They took iron, machinery and other components of commercial value.

If the looting happened, of course this location would become a cultural tourism destination that would invite divers to explore the wrecks of warships.

OK, back to the original topic. The boat ride from Prajak Pier to Dangar Ode Island takes about 30 minutes to cross.

What To Do On Dangar Ode Island?

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Dangar Ode Island is a small flat island filled with savanna in the middle. Its natural beauty will make you feel at home for a long time while feeling the soothing sea breeze.

For underwater lovers, Dangar Ode Island also has coral reefs with good density and colorful.

There are snorkeling spots near the island and some have to be reached by boat. Ask your boatman to take you to the best snorkeling spots before docking on the island.

In addition, there are also turtle spots and fish palaces. The fish palace is the name of the residents there considering that this spot is filled with various types of colorful fish.

For the turtle spot and the fish palace, ask a boatman to take you there on the way home, because it is located in the middle between the island and the pier.

As for camping, a trip to Dangar Ode Island can be the right choice to spend your night. The atmosphere at night and at sunrise, will be another amazing experience.

What are you waiting for. Come on vacation to Sumbawa Island and visit this little exotic

Pulau Dangar Ode

Additional Tips for a Vacation to Dangar Ode Island

  1. The facilities on Dangar Ode Island are a prayer room and one small toilet. There is no gazebo here. Bring a mat that you can spread under the lush trees.
  2. For those who like to snorkel, the spots here are quite a lot of jellyfish, so use a swimsuit that covers the body. Well, if you get caught by a jellyfish, it’s actually okay, just a little itchy. But if you want to snorkel comfortably, wear appropriate clothing.
  3. For those who want to camp, there are no springs or people selling. Bring logistics and camping needs and prepare carefully.
  4. Keep it clean, bring back your trash and don’t damage the environment.
Pulau Dangar Ode Sumbawa

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