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Sumbawa Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights (B)

Start IDR 2.630.000 Per Person

Sumbawa Tour 4 Days 3 Nights B

For those of you who wish to holiday on Sumbawa Island with better destinations where the natural beauty is still extremely natural, we have organized the Sumbawa Tour Package for 4 days 3 nights.

Sumbawa Island has now established itself as one of Indonesia’s most popular tourist destinations, attracting a growing number of visitors.

Sumbawa Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights Itinerary

Day 1: Transfer In & Kenawa Island Tour (L & D)

Paket Tour Lombok dan Sumbawa oleh The Langkah Travel

08.00 Depart from Sumbawa Besar Airport for Poto Tano Village in West Sumbawa.

10.00 Arrive to Poto Tano Village then take a wooden boat to Paserang Island.

10.30 Arrive at Paserang Island, then take in the scenery and go snorkeling.

12.30 Depart for Kenawa Island.

13.00 Arrive at Kenawa Island, have lunch, and then take in the natural beauty of Kenawa Island while snorkeling.

16.30 Return to Poto Tano Harbor then to Sumbawa Besar City.

18.30 When you arrive in Sumbawa Besar City, we will transport you to the hotel for dinner and then to the hotel for relaxation.

Day 2: Moyo Island Tour (L & D)

Paket Tour Lombok dan Sumbawa oleh The Langkah Travel

08.00 We will pick you up from your accommodation in Sumbawa Besar and transport you to the ferry pier.

08.30 After arriving at the pier, take a speed boat to Moyo Island.

09.00 Arrive at Poto Jarum Beach and snorkeling.

10.30 Arrive at Takat Sagele, a small island in the midst of the sea that appears during low tide.

10.45 Arrive at Takat Sagele and go snorkeling to enjoy the underwater view.

12.00 Depart for Labuan Aji Village.

12.30 Arrive at Labuan Aji Village and have lunch.

14.00 Take a motorcycle cab to Mata Jitu Waterfall.

14.30 Visit Mata Jitu Waterfall and take in its natural beauty.

16.30 Return to Labuan Aji Village, rinse, and prepare before go back to Sumbawa Besar.

17.00 Return by speed boat to Sumbawa Besar

18.00 Arriving at Sumbawa Besar, we will take you to dinner then go to the hotel and rest.

Day 3: Sumbawa Whale Shark Tour (B, L & D)

Sumbawa Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights

01.00 Early morning, we will pick you up from your hotel and drive you to Labuan Jambu Village.

03.30 Arrive at Labuan Jambu Village and board a local community boat to Bagang Boat, which will take you through Saleh Bay Waters.

05.30 Arrive in Saleh Bay Area and wait while searching for Bagang, where Whale Sharks can be found. If it is discovered, our boat will be anchored off the coast of Bagang.

06.00 Snorkeling with Whale Sharks. On the Bagang/Boat, breakfast will be served.

08.00 Return to Labuan Jambu Village.

10.00 Arrive in Labuan Jambu Village; have a little rest before continuing on to Sumbawa Besar City.

12.30 Arrive in Sumbawa Besar City then have lunch.

13.30 Visit Dalam Loka Palace to witness the Sultan of Sumbawa’s heritage buildings.

15.00 Return to the hotel and have a break.

16.30 Take a trip to Ai Lemak Beach to see the sunset.

18.00 Return to Sumbawa Besar City for dinner.

20.00 Return to the hotel, and rest.

Day 4: Transfer Out

We will pick you up on the third day according to your return schedule and transfer you to Sultan Kaharuddin Airport in Sumbawa Besar. The program is now complete.

Sumbawa Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights Price

ParticipantsTour Only
(Without Hotel)
Grand Samota
Superior Room
Grand Samota
Deluxe Room
Samawa Seaside Resort
Standard Room
Samawa Seaside Resort
Lumbung Room
Samawa Seaside Resort
Cottage Room
1 PersonIDR 11,400,000/paxIDR 12,510,000/paxIDR 12,850,000/paxIDR 12,680,000/paxIDR 14,240,000/paxIDR 15,110,000/pax
2 PeopleIDR 6,200,000/paxIDR 6,720,000/paxIDR 6,900,000/paxIDR 6,810,000/paxIDR 7,590,000/paxIDR 8,030,000/pax
3 PeopleIDR 4,470,000/paxIDR 4,970,000/paxIDR 5,090,000/paxIDR 5,140,000/paxIDR 5,660,000/paxIDR 5,950,000/pax
4 PeopleIDR 3,600,000/paxIDR 4,270,000/paxIDR 4,440,000/paxIDR 4,350,000/paxIDR 5,130,000/paxIDR 5,570,000/pax
5 PeopleIDR 3,180,000/paxIDR 3,800,000/paxIDR 3,940,000/paxIDR 3,940,000/paxIDR 4,560,000/paxIDR 4,910,000/pax
6 PeopleIDR 2,810,000/paxIDR 3,520,000/paxIDR 3,700,000/paxIDR 3,610,000/paxIDR 4,390,000/paxIDR 4,830,000/pax
7 PeopleIDR 3,060,000/paxIDR 3,710,000/paxIDR 3,860,000/paxIDR 3,830,000/paxIDR 4,500,000/paxIDR 4,870,000/pax
8 PeopleIDR 2,800,000/paxIDR 3,510,000/paxIDR 3,690,000/paxIDR 3,600,000/paxIDR 4,380,000/paxIDR 4,820,000/pax
9 PeopleIDR 2,810,000/paxIDR 3,480,000/paxIDR 3,630,000/paxIDR 3,600,000/paxIDR 4,290,000/paxIDR 4,670,000/pax
10 PeopleIDR 2,630,000/paxIDR 3,350,000/paxIDR 3,520,000/paxIDR 3,430,000/paxIDR 4,210,000/paxIDR 4,650,000/pax

*For more than 10 participants per group, please contact us!

Interested in This Sumbawa Tour Packages 4 Days 3 Nights?


  • Private car with good AC condition
  • Three nights’ hotel accomodation (1 room for 2 persons, or 3 persons if the participant is odd)
  • Consumption during the tour program, with the following information:
    • Breakfast at the hotel two times (second and fourth day)
    • Breakfast on the Bagang Boat (third day)
    • Lunch three times (first, second and third day)
    • Dinners three times (first, second and third day)
  • Entrance fee to all site based on itinerary
  • Private boat to Kenawa & Paserang Island
  • The fishing boat from Labuan Jambu Village to the Whale Shark point
  • Private Boat to Moyo Island
  • Whale Shark conservation fee
  • Motorbike shuttle to Mata Jitu Waterfall
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Mineral water during the program


  • Taxes on flights and at the airport
  • Other personal requirements

Customer Testimonials

Term & Conditions

  1. The tour package is PRIVATE and will not be shared with other people
  2. FLEXIBLE Itinerary and lodging information. You can request your own destination and accommodation, and our specialists will assist you in planning a time and cost-effective schedule
  3. The pricing shown above are only valid during the LOW SEASON. Because each hotel has its own High Season Surcharge guidelines, the pricing will vary if you book during the peak season
  4. Before making a down payment, prices can change at any time
  5. Children under the age of 3 are free
  6. Children between the ages of 4 and 9 will be charged 50% (without extra bed)
  7. Children over the age of ten will be charged in full
  8. The mode of transportation is typical AC tourism transportation with the following conditions:
    • 1–4 persons used Toyota Avanza
    • 5–6 persons used Kijang Innova
    • 7–15 persons used Toyota Hiace
  9. Flexible tour dates are available upon request
  10. Payment of a 30% deposit is required to secure a package reservation
  11. The remainder of the payment can be made on the first day of the tour

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Sumbawa Tour 4 Days 3 Nights A

Sumbawa Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights (A)

Kenawa & Paserang Island | Bedil Island | Moyo Island & Mata Jitu Waterfall

Start IDR 2.630.000 Per Person